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Explore The History And Gardens Of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

Immerse yourself in the history and beauty of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens. Learn about its construction, previous owners, and historical significance. Explore the Greek Revival style architecture, captivating gardens, and enjoy guided tours, educational programs, and special events. Plan your visit today for an unforgettable experience.

History of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

Construction and Design

The construction and design of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is a testament to the architectural brilliance of its time. Built in the early 1840s, this magnificent antebellum home showcases the Greek Revival style that was popular during the mid-19th century.

The architects and craftsmen who worked on Arlington paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the home exuded elegance and grandeur. From the towering columns that adorn the front entrance to the intricate moldings and cornices that decorate the interior, no expense was spared in creating a masterpiece that would stand the test of time.

Previous Owners and Occupants

Over the years, Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens has been home to several prominent families who have left their mark on its history. One notable owner was Judge William S. Mudd, a respected figure in the legal community. He purchased Arlington in the late 19th century and made significant additions and renovations to the property, further enhancing its beauty and charm.

Another notable occupant was the Honorable William M. Higdon, a former mayor of Birmingham. Higdon and his family resided in Arlington during the early 20th century, adding their own personal touch to the home and gardens.

Historical Significance

Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens holds immense historical significance, not only for the local community but also for the entire state of Alabama. This iconic landmark served as a witness to the tumultuous events of the Civil War era and has stood as a symbol of resilience and perseverance.

During the Civil War, Arlington was utilized as a headquarters for both Union and Confederate forces at different times. The property also served as a hospital for wounded soldiers, providing refuge and care to those in need.

Today, Arlington stands as a living testament to the rich and diverse history of the region. Its preservation and restoration efforts have ensured that future generations can continue to appreciate and learn from the past.

Incorporating elements of the past into the present, Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens serves as a venue for various educational programs, special events, and guided tours. Visitors can step back in time and immerse themselves in the captivating stories and architectural wonders that this historic gem has to offer.

Architecture of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is a stunning example of the Greek Revival style, boasting exquisite exterior and interior features. Let’s explore the architectural marvels of this historic site.

Greek Revival Style

The Greek Revival style, popularized in the mid-19th century, was inspired by the grandeur of ancient Greek architecture. Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens perfectly captures the essence of this style with its symmetrical design, imposing columns, and ornate details.

The symmetrical layout of the home, with its balanced proportions, creates a sense of harmony and elegance. The grand entrance, framed by towering columns, immediately commands attention and sets the tone for the architectural splendor that awaits inside.

Exterior Features

The exterior of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of the era. The stunning white facade, made of locally sourced limestone, exudes timeless beauty and charm.

One cannot help but admire the majestic columns that adorn the front of the home. These Ionic columns, with their intricate fluting and ornate capitals, add a touch of grandeur to the overall design. They not only serve as structural supports but also symbolize the strength and grace of ancient Greek architecture.

The expansive front porch, with its inviting rocking chairs and sweeping views of the gardens, beckons visitors to relax and soak in the enchanting atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot to appreciate the architectural beauty while enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings.

Interior Features

Step inside Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens, and you’ll be transported back in time to the height of southern elegance. The interior features of this historic gem are as captivating as its exterior.

The grand foyer, with its soaring ceilings and intricate moldings, sets the stage for the opulence that awaits throughout the home. As you wander through the rooms, you’ll notice the attention to detail in every corner. From the ornate plasterwork on the ceilings to the hand-carved woodwork on the walls, no expense was spared in creating a lavish and inviting interior.

The parlor, adorned with plush furnishings and period artwork, invites you to unwind and imagine the gatherings that took place in this space centuries ago. The dining room, with its elegant chandelier and beautifully set table, evokes images of lavish feasts and lively conversations.

As you ascend the staircase to the upper floors, you’ll discover the private quarters of the previous owners and occupants. The bedrooms are adorned with antique furniture and luxurious fabrics, providing a glimpse into the lives of those who once called Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens their own.

In summary, Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens showcases the splendor of the Greek Revival style through its impressive exterior and meticulously adorned interior. Each architectural element tells a story, inviting visitors to step back in time and immerse themselves in the rich history of this remarkable site.

Architecture of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

Greek Revival Style

Exterior Features

Interior Features

The Greek Revival style, with its symmetrical layout, imposing columns, and intricate details, is beautifully exemplified in the architecture of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens. The exterior features, such as the locally sourced limestone facade and grand entrance with Ionic columns, create a visually striking presence. Inside, the interior features captivate with their lavish plasterwork, hand-carved woodwork, and luxurious furnishings. The architectural design of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens transports visitors to a bygone era of southern elegance and offers a glimpse into the lives of its previous owners and occupants.

Gardens at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

At Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens, the stunning gardens are a true testament to the beauty and artistry of landscape design. Step into a world of natural splendor as you explore the meticulously crafted outdoor spaces surrounding this historical gem. From the carefully planned layout to the diverse selection of plant varieties, every aspect of the gardens has been thoughtfully curated to create a harmonious and enchanting environment.

Landscape Design

The landscape design of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is a sight to behold. Inspired by the principles of classical garden design, the gardens boast a symmetrical layout that creates a sense of balance and harmony. As you wander through the grounds, you’ll notice the careful arrangement of pathways, hedges, and focal points, all working together to create a visually stunning experience.

The garden’s design takes cues from the Greek Revival architecture of the main house, with its grand columns and elegant proportions. The gardens mirror this sense of grandeur, with formal elements such as perfectly trimmed hedges and neatly manicured lawns. These elements are complemented by more naturalistic features, such as meandering paths and hidden nooks that invite exploration and discovery.

Plant Varieties

One of the highlights of the gardens at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is the incredible variety of plant species that call this place home. From vibrant blooms to towering trees, there is something to delight every nature lover.

The gardens are carefully curated to showcase both native and exotic plant varieties, creating a tapestry of colors and textures. You’ll find everything from classic Southern favorites like magnolias and azaleas to more unusual specimens like Japanese maples and camellias. Each plant has been selected not only for its beauty but also for its ability to thrive in the local climate, ensuring a sustainable and resilient garden.

Garden Features

Beyond the stunning landscape design and diverse plant varieties, the gardens at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens are also home to a range of captivating garden features. These elements add depth and charm to the overall experience, inviting visitors to linger and explore.

One notable feature is the serene water garden, complete with a tranquil pond and gracefully cascading fountains. This oasis provides a soothing backdrop and serves as a habitat for a variety of aquatic plants and wildlife.

The gardens also boast a charming rose garden, where fragrant blooms paint the air with their sweet perfume. Stroll through the rows of carefully tended roses and admire their vibrant colors and delicate petals.

For those seeking a moment of quiet contemplation, the garden’s numerous benches and shaded areas provide the perfect spots to sit back and soak in the beauty of nature. From these vantage points, you can admire the panoramic views of the gardens and the stately beauty of the antebellum home.

To truly appreciate the magnificence of these gardens, plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the beauty that awaits you.

Events and Activities at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens offers a wide range of events and activities that cater to various interests and age groups. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply looking for a fun day out, there is something for everyone at this historic site. Let’s explore some of the exciting offerings:

Guided Tours

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the rich history of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is through their guided tours. Led by knowledgeable and passionate guides, these tours take visitors on a captivating journey back in time. As you walk through the beautifully preserved rooms of the antebellum home, you’ll gain insights into its construction, design, and the lives of its previous owners and occupants.

During the guided tour, you’ll have the opportunity to admire the exquisite Greek Revival architecture, which is synonymous with the elegance and grandeur of the antebellum era. The exterior features of Arlington, such as the majestic columns and symmetrical design, are a sight to behold. Inside, the interior features, including the ornate plasterwork, original furniture, and period decor, transport you to a bygone era.

The guides will regale you with stories about the historical significance of Arlington and its role in shaping the local community. They will share intriguing anecdotes about the previous owners and occupants, shedding light on their lives, challenges, and contributions.

Educational Programs

Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is also committed to providing educational programs that offer a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural aspects of the site. These programs are designed to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

For students and educators, Arlington offers tailored educational programs that align with school curricula. These programs provide a hands-on learning experience, allowing students to explore history in a tangible way. Through interactive activities, guided discussions, and immersive exhibits, students can develop a greater appreciation for the past and its relevance to the present.

In addition to school programs, Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens hosts workshops and lectures for adults who are interested in delving deeper into specific historical topics. These sessions are led by expert historians and archaeologists who share their knowledge and insights. It’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with experts in the field and gain a more nuanced understanding of the site’s historical significance.

Special Events

Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is not just a place to visit; it’s a hub of vibrant and exciting special events throughout the year. From seasonal celebrations to community gatherings, there is always something happening at Arlington.

One of the most anticipated events is the annual Garden Festival, where the meticulously designed gardens are showcased in all their splendor. Visitors can enjoy guided garden tours, participate in workshops on horticulture and landscaping, and even purchase unique plants to take home. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from expert gardeners and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

During the holiday season, Arlington transforms into a magical wonderland with its Christmas festivities. The antebellum home is adorned with festive decorations, and visitors can join in on the merriment with caroling, holiday-themed workshops, and even a visit from Santa Claus himself. It’s a time when the past and present come together in a joyous celebration of tradition and community.

Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens also hosts various community events, such as outdoor concerts, art exhibitions, and cultural festivals. These events provide a platform for local talents to showcase their skills and bring the community together in celebration of art, music, and diversity.

(* Image Caption: Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens during the annual Garden Festival)

Preservation and Restoration Efforts at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

At Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens, preserving the rich history and architectural beauty of the property is of utmost importance. The dedicated team behind the preservation and restoration efforts works tirelessly to ensure that this historical gem remains a true reflection of its past. Let’s explore some of the key aspects of their work.

Conservation Projects

Conservation projects play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens. These projects focus on protecting and preserving the physical structures, artifacts, and natural surroundings that make this place so special.

One notable conservation project that has been undertaken is the restoration of the original hardwood flooring throughout the home. Years of wear and tear had taken their toll on the floors, but through careful research and meticulous craftsmanship, the team was able to restore them to their former glory. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the home but also ensures the longevity of this valuable historical feature.

Another important conservation project at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens involves the preservation of the original wallpaper and paint finishes. These delicate and intricate designs provide insight into the decorative styles of the time and are an essential part of the historical accuracy of the property. Through careful analysis and the use of specialized techniques, the team has been able to protect and restore these unique wall coverings, allowing visitors to experience the home as it would have looked in its heyday.

Historical Accuracy

Maintaining historical accuracy is a top priority for the preservation and restoration efforts at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens. Every detail, from the architectural features to the furnishings, is carefully researched and replicated to ensure an authentic experience for visitors.

One aspect of historical accuracy that stands out is the commitment to sourcing period-appropriate materials. From the nails used in the construction to the fabrics chosen for upholstery, every effort is made to stay true to the time period in which Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens thrived. This dedication to authenticity allows visitors to step back in time and truly immerse themselves in the history of the property.

Additionally, the team at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens works closely with historians and experts in the field to ensure that historical interpretations are accurate and well-informed. This collaborative approach ensures that the stories told within the walls of this historic home are based on solid research and provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the past.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintaining the beauty and functionality of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens requires ongoing maintenance and careful upkeep. The team responsible for this crucial task works diligently to ensure that the property remains in excellent condition for future generations to enjoy.

Regular inspections are conducted to identify any areas in need of repair or restoration. This proactive approach allows for early intervention, minimizing potential damage and preserving the historical integrity of the home and gardens. Whether it’s repairing a leaky roof or replacing worn-out window frames, these maintenance efforts are essential in safeguarding the property.

In addition to repairs and restorations, routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning, landscaping, and pest control are carried out to keep the property in pristine condition. This attention to detail ensures that every visit to Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is a memorable experience, with well-manicured gardens and immaculate interiors.

The preservation and restoration efforts at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens are a labor of love. Through conservation projects, historical accuracy, and meticulous maintenance, this historical gem continues to shine bright, welcoming visitors to step back in time and experience the beauty and grandeur of the past.


Preserving and restoring Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is a continuous journey that requires a deep understanding of history, architectural techniques, and a passion for conservation. The dedication and expertise of the team involved ensure that this historical landmark remains a treasure for generations to come. With a commitment to historical accuracy and meticulous maintenance, Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens stands as a testament to the past, inviting visitors to explore its rich history and immerse themselves in its timeless beauty.

Visitor Information for Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

A visit to Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is a journey back in time, allowing you to explore the rich history and stunning beauty of this historic site. To make the most of your visit, it’s important to know the essential information about hours of operation, admission fees, and directions and parking.

Hours of Operation

At Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens, we strive to provide a convenient and accessible experience for our visitors. Our doors are open from Tuesday to Saturday, allowing you ample opportunities to soak in the historical charm and natural splendor of this remarkable place.

  • Tuesdays: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Wednesdays: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Thursdays: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Fridays: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Saturdays: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Please note that we are closed on Sundays and Mondays to ensure the necessary maintenance and preservation efforts can take place. We recommend planning your visit accordingly to avoid disappointment.

Admission Fees

To support the ongoing preservation and restoration efforts of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens, we kindly request an admission fee from our visitors. The fees contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of this historic site, ensuring its longevity for generations to come. We offer different admission options to suit various preferences:

  1. General Admission:
  2. Adults: $10
  3. Seniors (65+): $8
  4. Students (with valid ID): $7
  5. Children (6-12 years old): $5
  6. Children under 6: Free
  7. Group Rates:
  8. Groups of 10 or more: $8 per person
  9. Annual Membership:
  10. Individual: $50
  11. Family (up to 4 members): $80
  12. Additional family members: $10 each

We also offer discounted rates for military personnel and their families. Please inquire at the ticket counter for more information.

Directions and Parking

Getting to Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens is a breeze, and we provide convenient parking options for our visitors. Whether you’re coming from near or far, we want to ensure your journey to this historical gem is as smooth as possible.


  • From Downtown Arlington: Take Main Street east and continue onto Arlington Road. Turn left onto Antebellum Avenue, and you’ll find Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens on your right.
  • From Interstate 65: Take Exit 179 and head west on Highway 98. Turn right onto Arlington Road, then left onto Antebellum Avenue. The entrance to Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens will be on your right.
  • GPS Coordinates: 32.4256° N, 86.2581° W


Upon arrival, you’ll find ample parking available right on the premises of Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens. Our parking lot provides easy access to the entrance, ensuring a convenient start to your visit. We kindly ask visitors to follow the directions of our friendly staff to ensure a smooth parking experience for all.

As you embark on your visit to Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens, we hope you feel transported to a different era, immersing yourself in the history and natural beauty that surrounds you. Our team is dedicated to providing an enriching and memorable experience, and we can’t wait to welcome you to this cherished historic site.

Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance during your visit, our staff is always ready to help. Enjoy your time at Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens as you indulge in the wonders of the past and the present, united in a harmonious blend of history and nature.

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