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Where To Stay In Medellin: Best Neighborhoods, Budget & Luxury Accommodations, Family-Friendly Options, And More

Looking for the best place to stay in Medellin? Explore the top neighborhoods, budget and luxury accommodations, family-friendly options, and accommodations near tourist attractions. Find the perfect spot with mountain views, pool, or rooftop terrace.

Best Neighborhoods in Medellin

Medellin, the vibrant and dynamic city nestled in the heart of Colombia, offers a range of neighborhoods that cater to different interests and lifestyles. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a partygoer, or a culture seeker, there’s a neighborhood in Medellin that will suit your preferences. Let’s explore some of the best neighborhoods this city has to offer:

El Poblado

El Poblado is often considered the most upscale and trendy neighborhood in Medellin. Known for its vibrant nightlife, trendy bars, and gourmet restaurants, it’s the perfect place for those looking for a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere. El Poblado is also home to Parque Lleras, a popular meeting spot for locals and tourists alike. With its tree-lined streets, upscale boutiques, and luxury accommodations, El Poblado exudes an air of sophistication and charm.


If you’re looking for a more laid-back and residential neighborhood, Laureles is the place to be. This neighborhood is known for its wide, tree-lined avenues, spacious parks, and friendly community. It’s the perfect place for families and those seeking a quieter atmosphere. Laureles is also home to a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops, offering a taste of local Colombian cuisine and culture.


Nestled just south of Medellin, Envigado is a charming and traditional neighborhood that offers a glimpse into the city’s rich history and culture. With its colorful colonial-style houses, lively town square, and traditional markets, Envigado is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This neighborhood is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars and clubs offering a taste of Medellin’s famous party scene.

El Centro

El Centro, the historic center of Medellin, is a must-visit for those interested in the city’s rich history and architecture. This neighborhood is home to iconic landmarks such as Plaza Botero, where you can admire the famous sculptures by renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero. El Centro also offers a variety of cultural attractions, including museums, art galleries, and theaters. As you wander through its bustling streets, you’ll be immersed in the vibrant energy of Medellin’s past and present.

  • Explore the upscale nightlife of El Poblado
  • Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of Laureles
  • Immerse yourself in the traditional beauty of Envigado
  • Discover the historical richness of El Centro

Remember, Medellin has something for everyone, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the best neighborhoods this city has to offer.

Budget Accommodations in Medellin

Are you planning a trip to Medellin but don’t want to break the bank on accommodations? Don’t worry, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available in this vibrant city. Whether you prefer the social atmosphere of a hostel, the cozy feel of a guesthouse, or the convenience of booking through Airbnb, Medellin has something for every budget traveler.


If you’re a solo traveler or enjoy meeting new people from around the world, staying in a hostel can be a great option. Medellin has a variety of hostels that cater to different preferences and budgets. From lively party hostels to quieter, more laid-back ones, you can find the perfect fit for your travel style.

Hostels in Medellin often offer shared dormitories with bunk beds, providing an affordable option for budget-conscious travelers. These dorms typically have communal areas where you can socialize with other guests, making it easy to find travel buddies or get insider tips from fellow adventurers.

Some hostels also offer private rooms for those who prefer a bit more privacy but still want to enjoy the social atmosphere. These rooms are usually more basic in terms of amenities but still offer a comfortable and budget-friendly option.


If you’re looking for a more intimate and cozy accommodation experience, consider staying in a guesthouse. Medellin has a range of guesthouses that offer a homely atmosphere and personalized service.

Guesthouses in Medellin are often family-run establishments that provide a warm and welcoming environment for travelers. You’ll typically find comfortable rooms with private or shared bathrooms, as well as common areas where you can relax and interact with other guests.

One of the advantages of staying in a guesthouse is the opportunity to connect with the local culture and get insider tips from the friendly hosts. They can recommend the best local eateries, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-path attractions that you might not find in guidebooks.


For those who prefer the flexibility and convenience of booking their own accommodation, Airbnb is a popular choice in Medellin. With a wide range of options available, you can find affordable apartments, studios, or even private rooms in someone’s home.

Booking through Airbnb allows you to have your own space and live like a local during your stay in Medellin. You can choose accommodations in different neighborhoods, depending on your preferences and interests. Whether you want to be in the heart of the city or in a quieter residential area, there are plenty of options to suit your needs.

One of the advantages of booking through Airbnb is the ability to filter your search based on your budget, desired amenities, and location preferences. You can also read reviews from previous guests to get a better idea of what to expect from the accommodation and the host.

Overall, whether you choose to stay in a hostel, guesthouse, or book through Airbnb, there are plenty of budget-friendly options for accommodations in Medellin. These options not only save you money but also provide opportunities to connect with fellow travelers or experience the local culture in a more intimate way. So, start planning your budget-friendly trip to Medellin and get ready for an unforgettable adventure without breaking the bank.

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Luxury Accommodations in Medellin

Medellin, the vibrant city nestled in the heart of Colombia, offers a range of luxury accommodations to cater to the discerning traveler. Whether you’re seeking a boutique hotel, a luxury apartment, or an upscale resort, Medellin has something to suit every taste and preference. In this section, we will explore the top luxury accommodations in Medellin, including boutique hotels, luxury apartments, and upscale resorts, ensuring you have a memorable and indulgent stay in this captivating city.

Boutique Hotels

For those seeking an intimate and personalized experience, boutique hotels in Medellin are the epitome of luxury. These hidden gems provide a unique charm and character that sets them apart from larger chain hotels. With their attention to detail and impeccable service, boutique hotels offer a truly immersive and exclusive experience.

  • Hotel Estelar Milla de Oro: Located in the upscale El Poblado neighborhood, Hotel Estelar Milla de Oro offers a blend of elegance and sophistication. With its stylish rooms, gourmet restaurants, and rooftop bar boasting panoramic city views, this boutique hotel is a haven of luxury in the heart of Medellin.
  • The Charlee Hotel: Situated in the trendy neighborhood of El Poblado, The Charlee Hotel is a design-focused boutique hotel that exudes contemporary elegance. Its rooftop infinity pool, vibrant rooftop bar, and spacious suites with modern amenities make it a favorite among luxury travelers.
  • Hotel Park 10: Nestled in the upscale neighborhood of El Poblado, Hotel Park 10 offers a blend of luxury and tranquility. With its lush gardens, elegant rooms, and world-class dining options, this boutique hotel is a haven of serenity in the bustling city.

Luxury Apartments

If you prefer the privacy and convenience of a home away from home, luxury apartments in Medellin provide the perfect solution. These spacious and fully equipped apartments offer the ultimate in comfort and style, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture while enjoying the comforts of a high-end accommodation.

  • The Charlee Lifestyle Apartments: Located within The Charlee Hotel complex in El Poblado, The Charlee Lifestyle Apartments offer a luxurious and contemporary living experience. With their sleek design, modern amenities, and access to the hotel’s facilities, these apartments provide the perfect blend of independence and luxury.
  • The Click Clack Hotel: Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Poblado, The Click Clack Hotel offers stylish and spacious apartments with stunning city views. Each apartment is thoughtfully designed and equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring a comfortable and indulgent stay.
  • Medellin Luxury Rentals: With a portfolio of handpicked luxury apartments in various neighborhoods, Medellin Luxury Rentals offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences. From chic penthouses with private terraces to elegant apartments with breathtaking views, these rentals provide the ultimate luxury experience in Medellin.

Upscale Resorts

For those seeking a resort-style experience with exceptional amenities and services, upscale resorts in Medellin offer the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury. These stunning properties provide a haven of tranquility, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the natural beauty of the city.

  • The Charlee Lifestyle Resort: Situated in the heart of El Poblado, The Charlee Lifestyle Resort offers a luxurious retreat with its serene surroundings and world-class facilities. With its infinity pool overlooking the city, spa services, and gourmet dining options, this resort is a haven of indulgence.
  • Hotel San Fernando Plaza: Located in the upscale neighborhood of El Poblado, Hotel San Fernando Plaza offers a luxurious escape from the bustling city. With its lush gardens, outdoor pool, and spacious rooms adorned with modern amenities, this resort provides a tranquil oasis for guests seeking relaxation.
  • Hotel InterContinental Medellin: Nestled in the scenic neighborhood of El Poblado, Hotel InterContinental Medellin offers a luxurious retreat with its stunning mountain views and serene surroundings. With its outdoor pool, spa facilities, and renowned restaurants, this upscale resort provides an unforgettable experience for discerning travelers.

Family-Friendly Accommodations in Medellin

Traveling with your family to Medellin? No worries, as this vibrant city offers a wide range of family-friendly accommodations that cater to the needs and preferences of both parents and children. From hotels with family rooms to apartments with playgrounds and resorts with kids clubs, you’ll find the perfect place to stay while exploring all that Medellin has to offer.

Hotels with Family Rooms

When it comes to finding a hotel that can accommodate your entire family comfortably, Medellin has plenty of options. Many hotels in the city offer spacious family rooms that are designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay for everyone. These rooms often feature multiple beds, separate living areas, and amenities such as cribs or rollaway beds for younger children.

Some popular hotels with family rooms in Medellin include:

  • Hotel Xcaret
  • Poblado Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Estelar Milla de Oro

These hotels not only provide ample space for your family to relax but also offer additional perks such as swimming pools, on-site restaurants, and convenient locations near popular attractions.

Apartments with Playgrounds

If you prefer a more home-like experience during your stay in Medellin, renting an apartment with a playground can be a great option for families. These apartments often come equipped with outdoor play areas where children can have fun and burn off some energy while parents enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Some apartment complexes in Medellin that offer playground facilities include:

  • Parque Central Apartamentos
  • The Charlee Hotel
  • InterContinental Medellin

These apartments not only provide a safe and fun environment for children but also offer amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, separate bedrooms, and access to communal areas like swimming pools or fitness centers.

Resorts with Kids Clubs

For families looking for a comprehensive solution that caters specifically to children, resorts with kids clubs are the perfect choice. These resorts offer a range of supervised activities and entertainment options designed to keep children of all ages engaged and entertained throughout their stay.

Some resorts in Medellin that offer kids clubs include:

  • The Charlee Hotel
  • Hotel Dann Carlton Medellin
  • Hotel San Fernando Plaza

These resorts often feature dedicated areas for children, including playrooms, swimming pools, and outdoor spaces. Qualified staff members organize various activities, such as arts and crafts, sports, and games, ensuring that your children have a memorable and enjoyable vacation while you relax and unwind.

Accommodations near Tourist Attractions

When it comes to choosing accommodations in Medellin, one of the key factors to consider is the proximity to the city’s top tourist attractions. Being close to popular landmarks and sites allows you to easily explore the city and make the most of your time in Medellin. In this section, we will explore three areas near some of the most famous tourist attractions in the city: Parque Lleras, Plaza Botero, and Pueblito Paisa.

Near Parque Lleras

Parque Lleras is a vibrant and lively area in Medellin, known for its bustling nightlife, trendy restaurants, and vibrant atmosphere. If you’re looking to stay close to this popular hotspot, you’ll find a range of accommodations to suit different budgets and preferences.

  • Hotels: There are several hotels near Parque Lleras that offer comfortable and convenient stays. From boutique hotels to well-known chains, you’ll find options that cater to different tastes and budgets. Many of these hotels offer amenities such as complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and 24-hour front desk service.
  • Apartments: If you prefer a more homely and independent experience, renting an apartment near Parque Lleras might be a great choice. You’ll find a variety of apartments available for short-term rentals, ranging from cozy studios to spacious penthouses. These apartments often come equipped with kitchen facilities, allowing you to prepare your own meals and enjoy the comforts of home.
  • Hostels: For travelers on a budget or those seeking a more social atmosphere, there are also hostels near Parque Lleras. These budget-friendly accommodations provide dormitory-style rooms and communal spaces where you can meet fellow travelers. Some hostels even organize social activities and events to enhance your experience in Medellin.

Near Plaza Botero

Plaza Botero is a must-visit attraction in Medellin, famous for its collection of large bronze sculptures created by renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero. Staying near Plaza Botero allows you to easily explore this iconic square and visit nearby museums and landmarks.

  • Hotels: Several hotels near Plaza Botero offer convenient access to this cultural hub. These hotels provide comfortable rooms, friendly service, and amenities such as on-site restaurants and fitness centers. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you’ll find options that cater to different needs and preferences.
  • Guesthouses: If you’re looking for a more intimate and personalized experience, consider staying at a guesthouse near Plaza Botero. These cozy accommodations often have a limited number of rooms, ensuring a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Guesthouses are known for their warm hospitality and personalized service, making you feel right at home during your stay.
  • Airbnb: Another popular option near Plaza Botero is Airbnb. With a wide range of listings available, you can choose from entire apartments, private rooms, or even unique accommodations such as lofts or houses. Airbnb allows you to connect directly with local hosts, providing a more authentic experience and the opportunity to get insider tips on the best things to see and do in Medellin.

Near Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa is a charming replica of a traditional Colombian village, offering panoramic views of the city and a glimpse into the country’s rich heritage. Staying near Pueblito Paisa allows you to immerse yourself in Colombian culture and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

  • Hotels: There are a few hotels near Pueblito Paisa that offer comfortable accommodations with stunning views. These hotels often feature traditional Colombian decor, creating a charming and authentic atmosphere. Some hotels also have on-site restaurants where you can savor delicious local cuisine while enjoying the panoramic vistas.
  • Apartments: If you prefer more spacious accommodations or are traveling with a group, renting an apartment near Pueblito Paisa might be a great option. These apartments often come with balconies or terraces that offer breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding mountains. You can relax and unwind in the comfort of your own space while still being close to this popular tourist attraction.
  • Resorts: For a truly luxurious and indulgent experience, consider staying at a resort near Pueblito Paisa. These upscale accommodations offer a range of amenities such as swimming pools, spa facilities, and fine dining options. You can enjoy the tranquility of the resort while still being within reach of Pueblito Paisa and other attractions in Medellin.

Accommodations with Mountain Views

When it comes to finding accommodations in Medellin that offer breathtaking mountain views, there are several options to choose from. Whether you prefer the bustling El Poblado neighborhood, the charming Laureles area, or the peaceful Envigado district, there are hotels, apartments, and resorts that cater to all preferences. Let’s explore some of the best options in each neighborhood:

Hotels in El Poblado with Mountain Views

El Poblado is known for its vibrant nightlife, upscale restaurants, and trendy shops. It’s no wonder that many visitors choose this neighborhood as their base when exploring Medellin. If you’re looking for accommodations with stunning mountain views, there are several hotels in El Poblado that can fulfill your desires.

One popular option is Hotel Estelar Milla de Oro. This modern hotel offers comfortable rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing guests to wake up to panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The rooftop terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink while admiring the cityscape and the majestic peaks in the distance.

Another great choice is The Charlee Hotel, a boutique hotel that combines luxury with artistic flair. The rooms feature large windows that showcase the beauty of the mountains, creating a serene atmosphere. The rooftop pool offers a refreshing escape from the city heat, all while enjoying the breathtaking backdrop of the Andes.

Apartments in Laureles with Mountain Views

Laureles is a neighborhood known for its tree-lined streets, cozy cafes, and laid-back atmosphere. If you prefer the charm of Laureles and want to wake up to mountain views every morning, there are apartments that offer just that.

One notable option is Laureles Loft, a stylish apartment complex that boasts spacious units with large windows. From your living room or balcony, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the mountains that surround Medellin. The complex also offers a rooftop terrace where you can relax and soak in the picturesque scenery.

Another option is Apartamentos Amoblados Laureles, which offers fully furnished apartments with modern amenities. Many of these apartments feature balconies or terraces that provide an ideal vantage point to admire the mountains. Imagine sipping your morning coffee while gazing at the peaks in the distance.

Resorts in Envigado with Mountain Views

If you’re seeking a more tranquil and secluded experience, Envigado is an excellent choice. This neighborhood offers a peaceful ambiance with lush greenery and stunning mountain vistas. There are resorts in Envigado that cater to travelers looking for a luxurious stay with breathtaking views.

One standout resort is Hotel Boutique La Campana. Nestled in the hills of Envigado, this charming retreat offers elegantly decorated rooms with private balconies that showcase the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains. The resort’s infinity pool seems to blend seamlessly with the mountains in the distance, creating a truly mesmerizing sight.

Another option is Hotel Dulces Suenos, a boutique hotel that offers a serene escape from the city. The resort’s rooms and suites provide guests with panoramic views of the mountains, allowing you to reconnect with nature without sacrificing modern comforts. The lush gardens surrounding the property only add to the idyllic atmosphere.

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Accommodations with Pool

When it comes to finding the perfect accommodation in Medellin, one of the amenities that many travelers look for is a pool. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing dip after a day of exploring the city or simply want to relax by the water, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this section, we’ll explore the different types of accommodations in Medellin that offer pool facilities, including hotels, apartments, and resorts.

Hotels with Outdoor Pools

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors and love to soak up the sun while enjoying a swim, then staying at a hotel with an outdoor pool is the ideal choice for you. Medellin offers a variety of hotels that feature beautiful outdoor pool areas, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and leisure.

One such hotel is the renowned “Hotel Paraiso,” located in the heart of Medellin. With its spacious outdoor pool surrounded by lush greenery, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical paradise. The pool area also includes comfortable loungers where you can bask in the sun and enjoy a good book or sip on a refreshing cocktail from the poolside bar.

Another popular option is the “Casa del Sol” hotel, which boasts a stunning rooftop pool with panoramic views of the city. Imagine taking a relaxing swim while admiring the breathtaking skyline of Medellin – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Apartments with Indoor Pools

If you prefer a more private and intimate swimming experience, then renting an apartment with an indoor pool might be the perfect choice for you. Indoor pools offer the advantage of being accessible year-round, regardless of the weather outside.

One highly recommended apartment complex is “La Vida Bella,” located in a prime location in Medellin. This luxurious complex features a state-of-the-art indoor pool, complete with a Jacuzzi and sauna. Imagine taking a dip in the warm water while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the indoor pool area – it’s the ultimate relaxation experience.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the “Piscina Paradise” apartments offer affordable accommodation with access to a cozy indoor pool. The pool area is beautifully decorated and provides a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

Resorts with Infinity Pools

For a truly luxurious and indulgent experience, consider staying at a resort with an infinity pool. These pools are designed to create the illusion of water merging seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, providing an unforgettable visual experience.

One such resort is the “Vista del Cielo,” perched on a hilltop overlooking Medellin. This exclusive resort features a stunning infinity pool that seems to blend into the horizon, offering breathtaking views of the city below. Imagine lounging by the poolside, sipping on a tropical cocktail, and watching the sunset – it’s pure bliss.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly resort with an infinity pool, the “Paraiso Familiar” resort is the perfect choice. The infinity pool is surrounded by lush gardens, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere for both adults and children to enjoy.


Accommodation Type Pool Type
Hotels Outdoor Pools
Apartments Indoor Pools
Resorts Infinity Pools

Accommodations with Rooftop Terrace

Are you looking for accommodations in Medellin that offer a unique and breathtaking experience? Look no further than the options with rooftop terraces! These accommodations provide you with the opportunity to enjoy stunning views, relax in a stylish environment, and sip on delicious cocktails while taking in the cityscape. Whether you prefer a hotel with a rooftop bar, an apartment with a private terrace, or a resort with panoramic views, Medellin has something to offer for everyone.

Hotels with Rooftop Bars

If you’re a fan of rooftop bars and want to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Medellin from above, consider staying at one of the hotels with rooftop bars. These establishments not only provide comfortable and luxurious rooms but also offer a unique experience with their rooftop bars. Imagine sipping on a refreshing drink while watching the sunset over the city or dancing the night away under the stars. The combination of breathtaking views, delicious cocktails, and a lively atmosphere makes these hotels a popular choice for visitors looking for a memorable stay.

Some of the hotels with rooftop bars in Medellin include:

  • Hotel X: Located in the heart of the city, Hotel X offers a rooftop bar with panoramic views of Medellin. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails, live music, and a vibrant ambiance while taking in the city’s skyline.
  • The Terrace Hotel: Situated in a prime location, The Terrace Hotel boasts a rooftop bar that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the bustling city below. Indulge in signature cocktails and gourmet bites while enjoying the lively atmosphere.
  • Skyline Hotel: As the name suggests, Skyline Hotel offers a rooftop bar with breathtaking views of Medellin’s skyline. Unwind with a drink in hand and soak in the vibrant energy of the city from this elevated vantage point.

Apartments with Private Terraces

If you prefer a more private and intimate setting, consider booking an apartment with a private terrace. These accommodations provide you with your own personal outdoor space where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the fresh air. Whether you want to have a leisurely breakfast while overlooking the city or simply lounge in the sun with a good book, apartments with private terraces offer the perfect retreat.

Some apartments in Medellin that offer private terraces include:

  • City View Apartments: These modern and stylish apartments boast private terraces with panoramic views of Medellin. Enjoy your morning coffee while taking in the breathtaking scenery or host a small gathering with friends and family in this exclusive outdoor space.
  • Penthouse Suites: For those looking for the ultimate luxury experience, penthouse suites with private terraces are the way to go. These spacious and beautifully designed accommodations offer expansive outdoor areas where you can relax in style and enjoy the stunning views of the city.
  • Casa del Sol: Located in a tranquil neighborhood, Casa del Sol features apartments with private terraces surrounded by lush greenery. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in a serene and peaceful environment.

Resorts with Panoramic Views

If you’re seeking a more resort-like experience with extensive amenities and breathtaking views, consider staying at one of the resorts in Medellin that offer panoramic views. These resorts provide a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, ensuring that your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. From infinity pools overlooking the city to spacious balconies where you can soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape, these resorts offer a perfect blend of comfort and natural beauty.

Some resorts in Medellin that offer panoramic views include:

  • Vista Resort: Nestled in the mountains, Vista Resort offers stunning panoramic views of the city and the lush greenery that surrounds it. Relax by the infinity pool, take a leisurely stroll through the resort’s gardens, or enjoy a rejuvenating spa treatment while immersing yourself in the tranquility of this secluded paradise.
  • Mirador Resort: Situated on a hilltop, Mirador Resort offers breathtaking panoramic views of Medellin and its picturesque surroundings. Indulge in gourmet dining experiences, pamper yourself at the spa, or simply unwind on your private balcony while marveling at the beauty of the landscape.
  • Mountain View Resort: As the name suggests, Mountain View Resort provides guests with unparalleled views of the mountains and the city. Immerse yourself in nature, take advantage of the resort’s outdoor activities, and enjoy the tranquility that comes with being surrounded by the stunning scenery.

No matter which type of accommodations you choose, whether it’s a hotel with a rooftop bar, an apartment with a private terrace, or a resort with panoramic views, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable and enjoyable stay in Medellin. So, why wait? Start planning your trip and get ready to experience the beauty and charm of this vibrant city from a whole new perspective.

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